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Method Test Prep is an online SAT and ACT preparation service based in West Islip, New York. The service offers test preparation materials, lessons and human support to both individual clients and to entire schools. Services include interactive online tools, communication with tutors, practice quizzes and full-length practice tests. The goal is for students to improve both knowledge and test-taking skills.

Besides offering the online preparation service, the company also organizes tutors to meet locally with students seven days a week. There are also live preparation classes offered, though at the time of this writing they are only offered in New York and Texas.

The company is open to the public via social media, and the website displays testimonials and reviews from clients. The website itself is small, well-organized, and delivers information in a compact and clear fashion.

Method Test Prep: What makes it different?

All in all Method Test Prep's plan appears to be more flexible than and a much-needed update to Kaplan's market-dominating SAT/ACT preparation plan. Besides being much less expensive than Kaplan's package, their approach to the materials is different.

The service's study tasks are broken down into fifteen-minute pieces, which gives students a healthy and measurable pace. There is also a timer in the practice tests that reminds students if they are taking too long on a given problem. Throughout the materials and the company's website there is a distribution of test-taking tips and suggestions for good habits of thought and study.

Students with different learning styles can succeed with Method because there are solo work programs, guided tutorials and live sessions available.

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Method Test Prep vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Method Test Prep)

Method Test Prep is already used in many high schools through subscription delivered by Naviance. The service has a video on Youtube geared toward making the signup process clear for students and parents. Among other information, the video tells what information should be provided by the school and by the student. The site offers a two-week free trial of the test preparation materials to individuals.

The site also gives out freebies, such as a free SAT math study guide that can be downloaded, and sample audio files that do not need to be downloaded, which give advice on how to solve sample SAT problems onscreen. There is also a list of "latest posts" dispensing general advice about different aspects of the tests, written by educators.

Method's pricing and success is likely due to the outfit's insistence on community and school relationships, something competitors like Kaplan are simply too big to offer.

Method Test Prep: Pricing & packages

Method Test Prep offers SAT preparation -practice tests, tutorials, lessons and support -for $39.99 a month. Naturally students tend to only study for a couple of months for the SAT/ACT, so there is no annual rate. The full SAT/ACT package is available for $59.99 a month, and both are eligible for the 14-day free trial.

High schools can purchase a license for as many juniors and seniors as desired for $895 annually (a basic SAT package) or for $2895 annually for both SAT/ACT and full human support. This is far cheaper than Kaplan, who get $499 a student from individuals and schools.

Workbooks are available for $20 apiece.

Method Test Prep: Product images & screenshots
Method Test Prep Coupons
Method Test Prep: Customer reviews & comments

Educational consultant Susan Hixson writing on Internet @ Schools gave Method Test Prep five stars, and a grade of A in all her criteria, including ease of use and product support. She pointed out the utility of the many tips placed throughout the materials, as well as the availability of sample student essays and other successful student work.

At the time of this writing there are scarce reviews of Method Test Prep, but a search reveals that many high schools and preparatories are using it across the country. School websites stress the twenty four-hour availability of the service, and the use of planning tools intended to raise scores for students who have already taken the tests before.

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